This year, the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation (the Foundation) celebrated three years of supporting Greater Phoenix community by leading the charitable and education objectives of the Greater Phoenix Chamber and promoting economic prosperity and quality of life in the region.

Through strategic partnerships and innovative programs, the Foundation is improving the health and career opportunities for all individuals in the region. As we reflect on fiscal year 2019, I am proud of the accomplishments of the Foundation and the work being done to move Phoenix Forward.

Strategic partnerships
By connecting with other organizations and industry leaders, the Foundation fosters thriving partnerships that help increase Arizona’s economic prosperity through stronger talent pipelines and increased talent development opportunities for all individuals and businesses.

Job Data Exchange
Harnessing the core principle of Talent Pipeline Management (TPM), the Foundation worked with our Cybersecurity Workforce Collaborative to develop a standard list of skills, minimum requirements, and terminology that could be used in a universal way across the industry for similar positions. This work, completed in 2016 is the analog equivalent of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s (USCCF) newly-launched Job Data Exchange (JDX). The Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation is a proud pilot team member of the USCCF’s JDX program and is working to streamline communication between industry and education in real-time.

TPM UpSkill Acamdey of Arizona
The Foundation received a grant from the USCCF and launched the first ever Talent Pipeline Management™ (TPM) Upskill Academy of Arizona. The Foundation solicited applications from workforce and community partners from across the state who are committed to applying the TPM™ curriculum and launching successful and sustainable workforce collaboratives in their communities. The Foundation has proudly welcomed 22 individuals representing 17 organizations as TPM Upskill Academy of Arizona participants.

The TPM Upskill Academy of Arizona is helping local organizations learn the strategic workforce development techniques that have helped our Foundation grow.

Exploratory exchanges
During the past year, the Foundation has led two separate workforce delegations to other cities and participated in several key conferences to strengthen our relationships across the country.

  • Talent Forward Conference: The Foundation led a delegation of nearly 20 business leaders to Washington, D.C. to discuss workforce issues hindering business growth with policy experts and other businesses from across the nation. During this visit, we met with Trump administration officials and attended the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Talent Forward Conference.
  • The Nashville Academies Study Visit: The Foundation traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to participate in the Nashville Academies Study Visit. The Academies of Nashville are a modern twist on educating students in a dynamic way that prepares them not just for college but for a meaningful career that is directly connected to their interests, goals, and passions. The Foundation is working with Phoenix Union High School District to expand the academy model here in Arizona.

Innovative programs

As part of the Foundations offerings, we’ve launched several programs to support our mission of a healthy and economically prosperous community. These programs are focused on helping individuals find meaningful careers and connecting communities and employers to information they need to support healthy living.

Build Your Future Arizona
Through our Construction Workforce Collaborative, the Foundation raised over $1.7 millon to bring the Build Your Future campaign to Arizona to attract a diverse candidate pool to the skilled trades industry. Through a partnership with Build Your Future, the Foundation will launch a local Build Your Future Arizona campaign this fall. The Build Your Future Arizona campaign will highlight the value of skilled trades careers, the career entry points, and the diverse range of positions and trajectories available to all individuals.

Financial Industry Training (FIT)
The Financial Services Collaborative launched the Financial Industry Training (FIT), a month-long program to prepare individuals to pass the initial licensing exam, the Securities Industry Essentials Exam (SIE). In addition to exam preparation, FIT participants are introduced to top industry employers and receive support with resume and interview preparation.

To date, 11 individuals have completed the FIT program and passed the SIE exam. These individuals are now in a better position to start their careers in the financial services industry. By working with partners and employers to provide this training program, we’re connecting job seekers with valuable career opportunities and the tools they need to succeed.

Wellness AtoZ
Wellness AtoZ is making Arizona and the Greater Phoenix region known as a destination for healthy living. Launched in 2017, Wellness AtoZ now boasts 95 employers and reaches more than 350,000 employees. Through Wellness AtoZ, employers can access complimentary turnkey wellness toolkits to support an existing workplace wellness program or create a new one.

This year, we’re proud to be expanding Wellness AtoZ through Wellness AtoZ: Por tu Salud.  The Spanish language Wellness AtoZ content will increase the reach of the program and expand its positive impacts in the community.

The past twelve months have been monumental for the Foundation, and we’re proud of the impact our team is having on the community. As we move into the new fiscal year, we look forward to expanding our programs to reach more of the community and help more employers find healthy, qualified talent.

-Jennifer Mellor, Chief Innovation Officer, Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation

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