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Jan. 9, 2020

Priorities include a structurally sound budget, protecting the business community against undue regulations, and the prioritization of pro-workforce policies.

The Greater Phoenix Chamber (the Chamber) announces its legislative priorities for the Second Regular Session of Arizona’s 54th Legislature. This session, the Chamber is advocating for a structurally balanced budget, seeking pro-workforce policies that ensure employers have strong talent pipelines and guarding against unnecessary and costly regulations that hinder business growth.

“The Greater Phoenix Chamber’s 2020 legislative priorities reflect the priorities of our members—we’re focused on growing our economy and ensuring that Greater Phoenix is a region where businesses can prosper,” said Mike Huckins, Vice President of Public Affairs for the Chamber. “During session, the Chamber will continue to advocate for policies that place Arizona at a strategic advantage in the national and global economies.”

Serving as a unified voice for 2,400 member businesses at each level of government, the Chamber’s public affairs team looks forward to advocating for pro-business and pro-growth policies on behalf of its membership.

Structurally balanced state budget

The Chamber encourages lawmakers to maintain a structurally balanced budget. As a whole, the Chamber supports a fiscally responsible budget that provides sufficient funding for state services, such as education and infrastructure.

As lawmakers evaluate the state’s budget, the Chamber encourages them to prioritize funding Arizona’s P-20 education system. From providing additional resources to the state’s university system to continuing to support the final year of the 20X2020 education plan, ensuring education is funded in an adequate manner is imperative to the business community.

Additionally, the Chamber is supportive of funding measures that provide resources for critical infrastructure needs that will move the region’s economy forward.

“As we look at our state and our growing economy, the business community is seeing the need for state investments in key programs, like education and highway infrastructure to support that continued growth,” said President and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Chamber, Todd Sanders. “I know that lawmakers understand the importance of funding key education and infrastructure projects and I look forward to working alongside them to find ways that everyone can contribute to Arizona’s thriving economy.”

The Chamber urges lawmakers to adopt and follow a fiscal model that is fair, sound, balanced and promotes job creation and economic vitality.

Pro-workforce policies

In addition to supporting monetary investments into Arizona’s P-20 education system, the Chamber advocates for a broad range of pro-workforce policies that will enhance Arizona’s talent pipelines across all industries.

In the upcoming session, the Chamber will encourage lawmakers to develop innovative legislative solutions to talent pipeline challenges. A key issue will be integrating reformed offenders into talent pipelines so that they can find meaningful positions in society that contribute to the economic success of local communities.

Additionally, the Chamber is supportive of empowering legislation that allows schools flexibility to meet the demands of tomorrow’s workforce.

“As our economy grows, we need to work collaboratively to develop talent pipelines that support our economic diversity,” said Sanders.

Protecting business community against harmful mandates and regulatory actions

As always, the Chamber will stand in opposition to burdensome regulations and mandates that cause harm to businesses and hinder expansion.

With a robust legislative monitoring process, the Chamber serves as a watchdog for businesses of all sizes in ensuring that any passed legislation is developed alongside business stakeholders.

“In order to foster business expansion, it’s important that business owners aren’t impacted by regulations that will limit their ability invest in their business, their employees, and their communities,” said Huckins. “This includes cost-shifting measures that force businesses to take on additional costs such as insurance mandates and other financially burdensome regulations.”

For more information on the Chamber’s legislative priorities, please review the 2020 Public Policy Guide.

For more specific questions or official comments, contact the Vice President of Public Affairs Mike Huckins at 602.495.6474 or

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Representing 2,400 businesses across the Greater Phoenix region, the Greater Phoenix Chamber promotes regional prosperity by serving as a catalyst for economic vitality and strong communities. The Chamber pursues this mission by collaborating with business, political and community leaders to grow the regional talent pool, create a regional approach to economic development and drive a pro-Arizona agenda.


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