Author: Salt River Project

With the state legislature now back in session, the Greater Phoenix Chamber’s mission to be a collective voice for the Valley’s business community is in full effect. Through the more than 1,300 pieces of legislation introduced each year, the region’s vibrant economy and pro-business environment is the Chamber’s primary focus.  The Chamber’s advocacy program at the Capitol works in collaboration with its members for the big picture.

For SRP, close collaboration with the Chamber is natural because reliable and affordable water and power have been the foundation for the Valley’s success for the past century. More broadly, the actions of the legislature impact SRP’s more than 2 million (and growing) water and power customers and their ability to expand this vibrant economy. For that reason, you will find the SRP legislative team (Jason Baran, Megan Martin, Manny Tarango, and Evan Hallock) working with the Chamber’s public policy staff at the Capitol not only in session, but during the interim as well. Each day, they attend committee meetings, review proposed bills, and provide valuable insight into how these bills could impact the business community as well as SRP and its stakeholders.

As SRP continues to work towards the goal of providing 1,000 megawatts of new solar energy by 2025 and supporting programs that promote forest health to secure a resilient water supply, the utility is also working with GPC on broader policies, such as tax policy, K-12 education, and regulatory reform. GPC works diligently to provide valuable information to its members about issues that could affect them.

The recent approval of the state’s Drought Contingency Plan is a great example of how the Chamber provided insight and information to its members about the importance of a complex plan that will impact more than 40 million Colorado River water users in the west. These negotiations demanded nearly unprecedented collaboration between public agencies, stakeholders, and many others.

For more than 100 years, SRP and the Greater Phoenix Chamber have worked together throughout the Legislative session to promote and advocate for the greater Phoenix business community.

Together, let’s engage with the process and learn about the various policies and laws that will be proposed this session. Because armed with this valuable information, we can continue to make the Phoenix metro area a strong, diverse, and thriving economic center.


Posted by Danny Imes