As we head into 2021, business support and advocacy remain the Greater Phoenix Chamber’s primary focus as the COVID-19 pandemic persists and businesses look to recover from closures and restrictions. With the new legislative session beginning next week, the Chamber continues to put the priorities of our members first.

Our team works tirelessly to ensure you have the tools to not only recover from the pandemic, but also thrive in the new year. We are your resource and advocate in the political arena, as you rightfully focus on your business.

The Chamber’s advocacy process begins months before session begins, when our Public Affairs team meets with lawmakers or attends issue and stakeholder meetings.

There are also a series of meetings with the Chamber’s member-led Issues Committees and the Public Affairs Committee where Chamber staff facilitates discussions between members to understand their most pressing concerns and develop a strong, robust set of guiding principles. These guiding principles make up our annual Public Policy Guide, which showcases the Chamber’s key issue positions to lawmakers and the community at large.

During the upcoming legislative session, the Chamber’s Public Affairs team will be working toward key legislative priorities with a primary focus on post-pandemic business recovery and pro-workforce policies that will enhance Arizona’s talent pipelines. We will also advocate for a structurally balanced state budget and protections for the business community against burdensome regulation at all levels of government as businesses continue to recover.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chamber will encourage legislators to develop solutions so that businesses have the protections needed to stay safe, return stronger, and contribute to a vibrant Arizona economy. We will advocate for policies at the local and federal levels that provide liability protection measures so that YOU can focus on returning your business to post-pandemic success and finding the talent needed for growth.

Additionally, the Chamber supports empowering legislation that allows our schools the flexibility to meet the demands of tomorrow’s workforce and align education offerings with the needs of employers. The collaboration between education and business will ensure our students are well prepared for college or career.

The Chamber is a place where local politics is accessible to everyone, and I encourage your business to join an issue committee, subscribe to our Policy In Focus newsletter, and let our team know we can best support you.

I invite you to join us on January 14th as we kick-off the Legislative Session and hear directly from top elected leaders on how they will be supporting Arizona businesses over the next several months. And rest assured, the Greater Phoenix Chamber is on your side, fighting for your business and for a strong and thriving Arizona.

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Posted by Annelise Patterson

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