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Arizona Capital Times Prop 400 Discussion Top Takeaways

Recently, the Greater Phoenix Chamber President & CEO Todd Sanders joined community leaders across Maricopa County to call on lawmakers to pass legislation enabling a Prop. 400 extension that would allow for the continuation of smart investments in our comprehensive transportation network. Leaders say this is an “all hands on deck moment” to maintain our exceptional quality of life, vibrant economy, safety on roadways, and transit options for all residents.

  • “The decisions we made on this 20 years ago led us to the incredible growth we have today in Maricopa County. We need a transportation system that not only works today but also 20 years from now. Thank God we thought about this 20 years ago to prepare us for today.” – Todd Sanders, President & CEO, Greater Phoenix Chamber
  • “The business community wants something done and doesn’t want the future to be questionable. Only some workers have a car or transportation to get to work. Thirty-two million people used public transit in Greater Phoenix last year. 67% (of people) who ride transit every day have no other options. At its core, (Prop 400) is an economic development and quality of life plan for the people.” – Mayor Kenn Weise, City of Avondale
  • “The GPD of Maricopa County is similar to New Zealand. If something happens in Arizona, it has a ripple effect across the country. Workers need to move around via our transportation system to continue this economic growth and continue to send positive economic ripples across the country.” – Todd Sanders, President & CEO, Greater Phoenix Chamber
  • “The (financial) allocation is in three buckets: transit, arterial streets, and freeways. The ROI in the last 20 years has been remarkable. We need to continue that investment, with 300 new residents coming to Maricopa County every day. I don’t believe we have an option. We have to get together, and this has to happen.” – John Lewis, President & CEO, PHX East Valley Partnership
  • “There are more jobs than workers. Businesses want to make sure there are ways to get people to work. Today 70-80% of jobs are created by employers that are already here, so it’s not just about how to attract companies but also keeping businesses here in the Valley.” – Todd Sanders, President & CEO, Greater Phoenix Chamber
  • “This is a quality-of-life plan. We are fortunate to have two legislators that have introduced bills, but we should be farther along than we are. At the end of the day, the voters are really who are going to speak.” – Sintra Hoffman, President & CEO, WESTMARC
  • “The business community looks for consistency and predictability. There is significant interest in getting this passed. Reach out to policymakers and let them know why this is important and that you want the opportunity to vote.” – Todd Sanders, President & CEO, Greater Phoenix Chamber