Launched in 2016, the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation (GPCF) leads the charitable and education objectives of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce (GPCC) and promotes economic prosperity and quality of life for the Greater Phoenix region.

The Foundation furthers GPCC’s mission by conducting research, forming partnerships and hosting events focused on education, workforce development, wellness and community development.

In the year since the launch of the Foundation, GPCF has already made significant strides in building a stronger community. Focused specifically on creating a healthy community and developing strong workforce and education pipelines for key industry, GPCF has made its mark on the Valley and businesses that are looking to grow and expand in the Greater Phoenix region.

Building Wellness Wealth:
A healthy workforce makes a community healthy. And, a healthy community means a healthy economic environment that serves to grow businesses and attract vital talent to the region.

With that focus of creating a healthy community and growing economy, GPCF launched Wellness AtoZ, an initiative aimed at making Arizona and the Greater Phoenix region known as a destination for healthy living.

Wellness AtoZ has several components, but the most innovative and most helpful for GPCC members is the turnkey health and wellness materials. This means that any company—small or large—can develop (or supplement) an internal wellness program for their employees. So far, through WellnessAtoZ companies, GPCF has provided health and wellness materials to more than 64,000 members of the business community.  Interested in becoming a Wellness AtoZ company? Learn more.

Twice this year, Wellness AtoZ hosted a Wonder Wellness challenges designed to highlight why Arizona is the place for individuals seeking a wealth of healthy living and outdoor activities for themselves, their families and their employees.

In addition to Wellness AtoZ, GPCF partnered with Maricopa County to provide healthy workplace training seminars to 100 companies. The next training will be held on Nov. 30, 2017.

Developing tomorrow’s Workforce:
A key component of GPCF’s mission is to help meet the workforce needs of business. Workforce challenges are prevalent throughout the country; availability of a skilled labor force has become the top priority for companies looking to expand or relocate. This skills gap is impacting the ability of companies to expand.

GPCF is working collaboratively with employers, educators and community partners to develop solutions that better align needs with education and training to address identified skill gaps.

To help bridge the skills gap, GPCF developed five employer-driven workforce collaboratives connected leaders in education and business. The collaboratives focus on five industries: (1) Compliance and Risk Management, (2) Construction, (3) Cybersecurity, (4) Financial Services and (5) Health Care. Interested in getting involved with the workforce collaboratives? Learn more.

As a result of the workforce collaborative meetings and discussion, GPCF launched two industry-focused websites developed to connect employers with the talent they need to fill roles in risk management and cybersecurity.

Most recently, GPCF helped to launch pilot programs that focus on providing resources to individuals to help them pass the Series 7 exam, which will ultimately saves financial service companies thousands of dollars in training costs.

The work of GPCF and its partners is making a significant impact for businesses and helping connect them to educators and potential employees like never before.

As GPCF rounds out another year, the community and the businesses involved with GPCF, can be proud of the progress GPCF is making in building a healthier and stronger workforce for the Greater Phoenix Region.

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